Wednesday, October 26, 2011


4 cups- Maida/All purpose flour
4 spoons - ghee
pinch of salt.
oil - to deep fry
2 cups - Sooji/upma ravva
1 cup - dry coconut
2 cups - sugar
1 spoon - elachi/cardomom powder
2 spoons - gasagasalu/poppy seeds
hand ful - cashews nuts
4 spoons - ghee
Make flour into chapathi dough, adding salt, ghee and water. cover and keep aside.
Heat 1 spoon ghee, fry coconut for 3-4 mnts, remove and cool.
in the same pan, add 3 spoons ghee, fry sooji and poppy seeds until it changes color.Mix with coconut, sugar, toasted and chopped cashewnuts, elachi powder. set aside.
Make 6 inch chapathi with dough. place 1 spoon of filling in the center, wet edges with water and fold to half. press or fold the edges, so the filling doesnt come out when frying. 
Makes about 4 dozens with the measurements.
Heat oil, deep fry until golden brown.


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