Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fruit and semiya/vermicelli sweet

2 cups Semiya/vermicelli
1/2 cup sugar
2tsp melted butter
half can condensed milk
petals of 1 rose
7-8 seedless grapes, cut into half
half apple pieces.

  • fry semiya in butter until  red in a shallow pan. por water in the same pan to cover semiya, boil semiya soft and water is evoperated.

  • melt sugar in water, add rose petals, apple and grapes pieces. boil to a little thick syrup

  • warm condensed milk.

  • in a serving dish, spread half of the condensed milk. layer half of the semiya over condensed milk. pour half of the syrup. repeat the layers. serve warm.
Saw this recipe in a tv show, couldnt find it anywhere on the internet.

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